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The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 1:  Fu...

The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms (Photo credit: mrbill)

C is the basic level of the computer programming. Anyone wants to be good software engineers, then he or she must should be good knowledge on the base level of the computer programming. So, of course, you should be a better knowledge and programming experience on C, C++.

Why : ” C “ is the base level for the begging of the programming. You can achieve the coding  style, input methodology, cycling, looping, execution, developing everything step by step from this ” C ‘ language. For the better programming you must should be a good knowledge on data type, variable, memory location, operator, looping, function, recursion, structure and much more. Here, I mentioned some basic data type, which is very important for programming in C, C+.

Data types are different but basically there are 6 types of data use for C’ programming, such as Integer, float, long, double, Char, Char [ ].

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